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My name is Mike, and I call myself a GLOBAL GROWTH HUNTER. Why, you may ask?
In Latin, the word recruit means “grow again” (recrescere) – “again” (re) and “grow” (crescere). Over time, the word morphed to become “recrute” in French, and to its current form of “recruit” in the mid-17th century to predominantly refer to enlisting fresh body of troops into the military.
Using plants as metaphors, as a GLOBAL GROWTH HUNTER, I help to transfer and nurture these plants from their current pots, to bigger new pots and in more fertile climatic environments which will further enhance their growth. In the real world, these plants i.e. the new hires will be nurtured within the clients’ environments, have clear career paths, and they would journey through positive professional growth and development. With the fertile climatic environments, these journeys help to create a happier, more committed, and engaged workforce. Overall, organizations will achieve better business results ultimately.
For my clients’ organizations, as a GLOBAL GROWTH HUNTER, I help them achieve Staff Happiness, without using monetary strategies such as retention bonuses and/or salary increments but using my own C.A.S.H. Methodology. With Staff Happiness achieved, my Clients will have a happier, more committed, and engaged workforce; resulting in them having a happier and an abundance of customers. Again, this would in turn help their organizations achieve Better Business Results!”
With a total of about 20+ years of HR Practitioner experience in Talent Acquisition & Talent Development, and have learned many best practices from global multinational companies like Shell, Citibank, and IBM, and honed numerous of my own.
My business objective is to help clients transform their overall Talent Strategy, using Innovations as a crucial leading-edge enabler and differentiator; in the process, achieving STAFF HAPPINESS within their specific and unique environments.
End-results for my clients are:
  • Optimized Talent strategies, structures, and processes, around Attraction, Acquisition & Development,
  • Positive engagement and experience for both External Talents and Internal Staff,
  • Solid and cohesive Employer Branding, with a natural and organic Talent Attraction strategy, aligned with your Vision, Mission, and Purpose,
  • Consistent and repeatable capabilities of Hiring, Developing, and Sustaining your Best Talents every time,
  • Strong High-performing Culture that sustains staff within your specific and unique environment.
And as Sir Richard Branson famously said:
“Clients do not come first. Your staff come first. If you take care of your staff, they will take care of your clients.”
LinkedIn:                           https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeleongtl/
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Global Growth Hunter | Staff Happiness Expert & Strategist | Coach & Certified HRDF Trainer | Author-in-Progress

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