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In Latin, the word recruit means grow again (recrescere) à again (re) and grow (crescere). Over time, the word morphed to become recrute in French, and to its current form of recruit in the mid 17th century to predominantly refer to enlisting fresh body of troops into the military.

Using plants as metaphors, as a GLOBAL GROWTH HUNTER, he helps to transfer and nurture these plants from their current pots, to bigger new pots and in more fertile climatic environments which will further enhance their growth. In the real world, these plants i.e. the new hires will be nurtured within the clients’ environments, have clear career paths, and they would journey through positive professional growth and development. With the fertile climatic environments, these journeys help to create happier, committed and more engaged workforce. Overall, organizations will achieve better business results ultimately.

For his clients’ organizations, as a GLOBAL GROWTH HUNTER, he helps them achieve Staff Happiness, without using monetary strategies such as retention bonuses and/or salary increments, but using his C.A.S.H. Methodology. With Staff Happiness achieved, his Clients will have a happier, committed and more engaged workforce; resulting in them having happier and an abundance of customers. Again, this would in turn help their organizations achieve Better Business Results!

His favourite statement: “The best place to solve a problem is to get to its root cause; in this respect, he firmly believes that the resolution lies in the organization’s capability to redefine their hiring process”.

This is an example of one of his training program for his clients, it is a Level 1 program; in which he believes that in order to create Staff Happiness in their organizations, it has to start at its source, i.e. at the interviewing stage. 

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