Category: Personal Journey

Personal Journey #7 – Discovering “Inner Theme” Session with Fredrik Haren in Singapore

First met Fredrik Haren, who is a global keynote speaker on topics of creativity, change and global/human mindset, in MAPS Convention 2019 in early May 2019. Less than two weeks later in end May 2019, made a self-drive 10-hour return trip from KL to Singapore to meet up with him for 1 hour to unearth …

Personal Journey #5 – Seeking Out More Mentors @ MAPS!

Mentors are everywhere, be humble and reach out to them, and you might be surprised with the resulting outcomes! I have had a fantastic personal journey in MAPS (Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers) and by coincidental chance, I made a decision that is so very precious for my personal journey as a Trainer/Speaker. I was …

Personal Journey #4 – Seek Out Mentors and Like-Minded Peers

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can nudge you along on your journey; more importantly too, seek out mentors. Pictured here with other peer participants as well as Master Sifu, CPT Coaches and Facilitators.

Personal Journey #3 – Learn to Build Strong Collaborations

We are in an age and time where we can no longer work in silo and yet expect successes to come in abundance. Reaching out and believe in the concept of collaborating and abundance of successes will come eventually.

Personal Journey #2 – Work Hard, Really Hard!

When you first embark on a new journey, be prepared to work really hard, harder than you normally would. Working feverishly over 6 full days of training in total; our sessions would start as early as 9.00am and lasted beyond 10.00pm for some days!

Personal Journey #1 – Always Apply What You Learn

This was part of the development journey I embarked on in 2019 – continually striving to better myself. You should too…I found out in the process that purely equipping yourself with theoretical knowledge is not sufficient, you must put them into practice. Here, I finally had chance to own the stage – it is all …