Presenter: Mike Leong

Learn How You Can Start To
Conduct Your Interviews
Effectively And Objectively.

During this 1-hour LIVE Online Training, I will share with you on what a Structured Interview Process (“SIP”) really is, and how it can help create strong Cultural Affinity in your organization. Finally, I will show you how with Cultural Affinity, you will be able to then Curb Staff Turnover!

* Full LIVE Q&A Session

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In this FREE LIVE Online Training:

  • I will show you how each of these components are inter-related: STRUCTURED INTERVIEW PROCESS, CULTURAL AFFINITY and STAFF TURNOVER.
  • Walk-through on how you can reverse-engineer your internal interviewing process and ultimately achieve your goal in CURBING STAFF TURNOVER!
  • Ask questions as we go + full LIVE Q&A session at the end; will address as many of your queries as possible.
  • Pitch free – I’m really not selling anything

Plus A Surprise Bonus!

  • For attendees who stay all the way to the end of the session, you will receive a SURPRISE BONUS!
  • SHOULD ANNOUNCE HERE OR ONLY DURING LIVE TRAINING??? – FREE 90-minute on-obligatory Consultation.
  • Not to mention that you will also get special access to discounts on any paid training courses in the future.

Who's Your Host?

Hi—I’m Mike Leong, a Malaysian-based Trainer and Speaker. I hold a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) from IPMA, UK and is a Certified HRDF Trainer from Malaysia. I am also an Australian Certified HR Professional, Associate CIPD UK and a Malaysian Institute HR Management member.

With 17+ years of HR Talent Acquisition experiences, both in internal recruitment and external headhunting. I have vast experiences in large multinational companies where I am certified and trained in various internal Behavioural Interviewing assessment techniques. These have largely honed my skills and finesse in this area. 

In all my years of HR experiences, I have observed that staff turnover is a global teething problem for many organizations, large or small. Whilst much resources and efforts have been expended to curb this, it has remain largely unabated. This piqued my interest in this area, and I began to research on this topic for an upcoming book of mine – CURBING STAFF TURNOVER BY CREATING CULTURAL AFFINITY (picture). In the process, I have gathered much insights into staff turnover, and that was how the GUIDEBOOK: CURBING STAFF TURNOVER was born.

I believe in this simple equation:

1) Curb staff turnover -->
2) Sustainable staff -->
3) Happier & more committed staff -->
4) More abundant & happier customers -->
5) Your organizations will achieve better business results!

If you also believe in this simple equation and would like to find out more details, then you have come to the right place.

I am ready to help you on this journey!

Hurry! Spaces are limited.

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