Helping organizations to effectively curb Staff Turnover


Breathing new life into an age-old corporate pain-point, this definitive Guidebook shares consistent and repeatable tips on how you can

Curb Staff Turnover.

It crafts out and details to you longer-term retention strategies to use, rather than all those short-term, stop-gap measures that you are aware of or even implemented before.

You can now STOP the clock on Staff Turnover…

And START to create strong Cultural Affinity in your organization!

What do you need to do?

You will gain clear insights on exactly how to do that with this FREE Guidebook!
  • Implement a consistent and repeatable Structured Interview Process.
  • Build strong Cultural Affinity as a Talent Attraction tool, which attracts your staff to stay and attracts external talents to want to join your company.
  • Structured Interview Process + Cultural Affinity = Staff Turnover Curbed!

Powerful, longer-term approach…

“A less-than-common, but still a powerful longer-term approach to help organizations curb staff turnover…”

IT Industry // Malaysia

Sensical combinations…

“Mike put forth a bold but sensical proposition of two seemingly isolated elements being able to curb staff turnover – an organization’s own culture and its interviewing process.” 

Banking // Malaysia

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