Inspirational Quotes #7 – Continue to Persevere!

Oh my, oh my! Time really flies! I made this video last year in May 2019 – proclaiming back then that I shall commemorate 2nd week of May every year to be “Come-Back Week”. 
This was because I was so awed and overwhelmed with the fashion that first Liverpool and then Tottenham Hotspurs secured their places in the Finals of Champions League 2019 over their super-strong opponents, Barcelona and Ajax respectively. Both cases were come-back victories as well as last-gasp goals that came about because both team did one thing right – PERSEVERE UNTIL THE END. It ain’t over till the referee blew the final whistle!

And in my humble opinion, I drew four learnings from these games:
1) Admit that there is a situation/problem – both teams went into the 2nd leg after 1st leg defeats, Liverpool was 0-3 behind while Spurs was 0-1 down. They knew their predicament, they knew that they need to step up many more notches than their opponents in the 2nd leg in order to overturn the situation. With this in mind, then only then, can they psyche themselves to put up the grit, work on overdrive and train more!
Same thing in our daily lives – if one is caught in a situation or a rut, take a few steps back and take a hard look at the situation that you are in. Be critical of yourself, your environment, your resources or what have you – and come to an admittance that there indeed is a situation/problem. 
Don’t try to take the easier route out – “sweep it under the carpet and try to forget about it”. If you think out of sight, out of mind, you are quite wrong, I am afraid. If the problem is still there, then this first step is crucial in “winning the wars”. Admittance will typically induce your system to produce that adrenaline rush to then attempt to take actions and rectify the situation. 
2) Never quit; continue to persevere – had they stopped chasing until the last second, the makeup for that finals in June would have been very different, isn’t it? 
Once you are pumped up with wanting to rectify the situation, capitalize on this drive and momentum to continue to persevere into an overdrive.
On this, I have a perfect example of Malaysia’s very own Pocket Rocketman, Azizulhasni Awang who despite having a splinter punctured right through his left calf, managed to finish Third during the final of the keirin event in the World Cup leg in Manchester in 2011. Talk about perseverance!!!


3) Change strategies; continue to reskill ourselves – I am pretty sure that both teams would have worked on and reviewed their strategies prior to the 2nd leg, what additional set-pieces they can explore more, etc.
Likewise, for us, we need to do that too – on this, I draw parallel to COVID-19 pandemic that is spreading in many countries around the world. This is so unprecedented for every country and everyone, no matter how many financial crisis we have been through! What must we do? Countries are changing strategies, policies as we move along daily, weekly, etc.
On a more micro level, we also need to be thinking post-COVID-19, what the “new norm” is going to look like for ourselves. Before this, we were worried and concerned about an era where jobs will be replaced by machines – but that was probably like yeah ONE DAY! Now for the past 2-3 months of 2020, jobs and people have already been mass displaced with no end in sight for now (and by something so small too)!
Hence, it is time for us to bring out our thinking cap, and to change strategies/to reskill ourselves – continue to learn, unlearn and relearn! Once all this gloom is lifted, the world we are all going to step into is just never be the same ole world again!
4) Seize opportunities when they arise – it was in such coincidental fashion that both teams needed spectacular and last-gasp goals to seal the deal on their nights. 
The partnership of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Divock Origi and Lucas Moura’s on-the-5-minute-mark-injury-time strike just stirred up such emotions that when you do see opportunities and seize them, you will walk away winners! Die-hard supporters would have thousand-and-one mental visions on what if these did not happen the way it did; am sure they are quick to thankfully (and gleefully) said luckily their heroes did! 🙂
Same for our daily lives, no one may know what they future looks like for us, and how opportunities may present themselves to us. If they do, are we ready? Or conversely, are we ever ready pursuing our goals such that these opportunities are within our reach? 

Well so much about the jubilations of Champions League 2019; I pray that everyone continue to keep well and stay safe. Cheers, happy weekend too!

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