Is There Such Thing As A “Natural” Organic Talent Attraction Strategy?

I am sure that no one would object, if I say this: nowadays, it takes more than just monetary or tangible items to attract external talents to your organization; what more so to attract them (after these external talents became your staff) to stay on and sustain in your company, right?
I always share this litmus test to senior management and HR teams: if you were to ask this following simple question to a population of your staff, do you think you can get a 100% vehement “YES” for an answer? And the million-dollar question is:
Would you recommend any of your family members and close friends to work for our company?
Anything less than a 100% zealous “YES” means that there are hesitations; in other words, what attract them to your company might just sadly be the salary packages and the fact that they have a job. Nothing more than that.
Only when you hear heart-felt stories from your staff who endear their family members and close friends to your company (on their own accord) – and perhaps intimating to you details on how they are working towards ensuring that the field of studies for their daughters/sons are aligned to key areas of your companies, getting them internships and hopefully, permanent roles in your company – that you would have organically grown beyond monetary attractions of external talents and staff alike to your company and its brand.
No amount of PR, marketing efforts and corporate communication press pieces can beat these kind of natural talent attraction (perhaps I can also say “staff attraction”) strategies!
The good news is this:
You can actually work on creating such positive affinity within your company environment, what I call positive Cultural Affinity, such that your staff want to stay on – they will, in fact, proudly tell others there are no compelling reasons for them to even think of wanting to move out.
When they (your staff) begin to expound all positive virtues of your company to their family members and close friends, the rest of the jigsaw puzzle will magically fall in place!
Let us partner and work together to co-create this for you and your company!

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