Making A Good First Impression At An Interview

Apparently: it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression!

Wow, that's a very short period of time indeed...and it does not help if you are all a bundle of nerves, attending an interview session.

However, while you prepare and prepare some more on nailing the interview with looking the best, and trying to always put your best foot forward where your significant experiences are for the role being interviewed, here you have 7 seconds to make that good first impression!

However, the first impression you make in a job interview can have a lasting impact on the outcome of the whole session. From your appearance to your demeanor, everything counts! That's why mastering effective techniques to make a lasting impression is crucial for interview success.

Remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression that last, so make it count.

Here are some tips to help you make a lasting impression:
* Dress professionally,
* Be on time,
* Make eye contact,
* Smile,
* Be confident (but not arrogant), and
* Show genuine interest in the role and the company (means you need to attend knowing the company and its stable of products and services).

And you know what, the above is also true for the interviewers - one may think that they would have a lot more experience in interviewing every day, but it still takes conscious practice to put their impeccable professional front forward as they are representing the entire organization whenever they face their candidates.

Only 7 seconds for a good first impression!

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