Inspirational Quotes #4 – Never Stop Learning

Prosperous Year of the Metal Rat

Would like to take this excellent opportunity to wish each and everyone of you, a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Metal Rat, 恭喜发财新年快乐,万事如意乐!

Personal Journey #4 – Seek Out Mentors and Like-Minded Peers

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can nudge you along on your journey; more importantly too, seek out mentors. Pictured here with other peer participants as well as Master Sifu, CPT Coaches and Facilitators.

Inspirational Quotes #3 – It’s My Life, Control It Or Be Controlled

If it is not you who is steering your life in the direction that you want, then who else? You owe it to no one but yourself to do it – every single small step of the way!

Personal Journey #3 – Learn to Build Strong Collaborations

We are in an age and time where we can no longer work in silo and yet expect successes to come in abundance. Reaching out and believe in the concept of collaborating and abundance of successes will come eventually.

Inspirational Quotes #2 – It Is All In Your Mind!

Fears of the unknown and/or self-doubt creates “imaginary walls” that limit or even stop our minds from taking those very important first steps in whatever we want to do. What can we do then? Psyche ourselves up and have positive self-talk, or better still, reach out to friends, a professional in the same area or get a coach to seek alternative ways and means to get around this.

Welcome to Year 2020!

Happy New Year y’all and welcome to a new decade! We are six days into the new year and I am sure new year resolutions are probably the word of the day for a lot of folks. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on Jim Lovell’s famous quote with a slight personal twist “There are people who make things happen and then there are those who wait for things to happen; while sadly there are also others who do not know what has happened”! 

Obviously, by just simply reflecting on the statement itself, you would want to be in the first group. However, the more important thing is “are you aware of which group you really belong to now; and if you are not in the first group, what would you do to make the change needed

New Year Resolutions is all about actions – MASSIVE actions in order to realize what we have set for ourselves. All the best in all your resolutions this year! Cheers…

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Personal Journey #2 – Work Hard, Really Hard!

When you first embark on a new journey, be prepared to work really hard, harder than you normally would. Working feverishly over 6 full days of training in total; our sessions would start as early as 9.00am and lasted beyond 10.00pm for some days!

Inspirational Quotes #1 – You Are What You Believe You Are

Personal Journey #1 – Always Apply What You Learn

This was part of the development journey I embarked on in 2019 – continually striving to better myself. You should too…I found out in the process that purely equipping yourself with theoretical knowledge is not sufficient, you must put them into practice. Here, I finally had chance to own the stage – it is all mine!!! 🙂 Whatever that I learned were applied rather immediately on-stage!