Success = T+T+P

Today, the 5th Mar – morning – was an eventful morning for many parents and children in Malaysia. SPM 2019 results release date! A date we have been waiting for since end Nov 2019. After a lengthy wait, the results were released, to the shouts of joy (and tribulations) of students. Kudos to all students, who have done well, my daughter J too. We are all proud of you, our future leaders of Malaysia! 

As I was standing there, capturing the photo above, listening to the results, accolades and number of As these top students achieved, I found myself reminiscing on my own experiences back in school day, university and career as well. A thought came up – is there a formula for success, whether it is academic success, sports, career, anything.

And in the end, I surmised this formula to be rather consistently true: 


T – Time Management; 

T – Technique; 

P – Practise, practise, practise!

T – Time Management: Everyone has 24 hours at our disposal, but yet, why is it that some feel that they do not have enough time to do what they want to do? However, others flourish in the same span of 24 hours, getting good results in their studies, nail their favourite sports as a competitive sports representative perhaps, and many more other activities. 

The difference is that this latter group has learned the essence of time management. Aggregate all activities that they have/wish to do in that 24 hours, for the week, for the month, and manage their time accordingly and diligently. Sure they may be tired at times (and hence they do chill out whenever needed), but using self-discipline, they would consistently and persistently stick to a fixed schedule – knowing the prize awaiting them at the end of that rainbow (journey). And they also do not forget to include chill-out time as must-have blocks of time in their schedule. TIME & EFFORT NEEDED: Minimal, one-time effort (for school-going folks, just need to differentiate between normal schedules and pre-exam schedules). Do comment below and reach out, if you wish to get more insights on difference between normal and pre-exam schedules. 

T – Technique: Now you may have a schedule planned nicely, but if in your endeavour, you do not master its technique (quickly), you are really throwing away your time and effort. Technique here depends on what you are trying to achieve – if you want to learn how to swim, you have got to learn how to float first and foremost, before moving on to breathing for example. Here technique also involves the timing for each step; you cannot just jump to the next step without first learning floating. Cycling is another simple but classic example. You have got to learn how to balance the bicycle before even thinking of actually cycling and moving ahead, right? 

Hence, what you need to do at this stage is this: capture and master its technique in the shortest time possible, and to move into the final Practice phase quickly. No one is born being omniscience so if in doubt, continually ask questions to seek clarifications until you have a full understanding for the task(s) on hand. Remember this – shortest possible time to master its Technique. TIME & EFFORT NEEDED: As minimized as possible 

P – Practise, practise, practise: And thereafter, it is all about putting the techniques into practice. Essentially, it is really about making use of your planned TIME, and using the TECHNIQUE learned, to take super massive actions to PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE! Be it shooting hoops, running 100m dash, soccer set-pieces, Geography, History, Sciences, Maths, you get the drill – anything! Practice makes perfect. Practice, with feedback, makes perfect. TIME & EFFORT NEEDED: As MAXIMIZED as possible

So back to all these SPM students, CONGRATULATIONS y’all! Your journey is really just beginning. The long-winding and uncertain road ahead is awaiting each and everyone of you. The “what, where, why, when, who and how” questions are beckoning you; take the bulls by the horn and strive forward in this next phase of your life. Hopefully with the SUCCESS formula above, there will be abundance of successes awaiting for you at the end of your rainbow!

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