Time Management: Stretch Your Day (S-Y-D)

As a follow-up to my thoughts on the SUCCESS Formula last week (which was Success = T+T+P and where the first T was in fact Time Management), I would like to share a simple but difficult to adhere-to recipe for “better” time management. Whether it is really better, I guess it is rather subjective. I shall let you be decide on this, but let me explain.

Do you know who was the highest-paid Hollywood actor for 2019? He is none other than the indefatigable, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I read somewhere online that back in early 2019, he had something like 12 movies that were upcoming back then, in 2019 alone! That worked out to be 1 movie in-the-making per month! And apparently, the minimal length of actual principal photography (i.e. main shoot with actors/actresses) of a typical Hollywood movie is slightly above 80 days (there are way longer ones of course, but we shall not go there). Even at 80 days, you don’t seem to be able to work out the maths correctly on how this one person can manage his time to such an extent, isn’t it?!

That’s only on the movie front peeps, but wait, he needs time to workout too, and to stay the way he is, doesn’t he? Yes, and his recipe: he is one of many successful Hollywood artistes who believes in waking up before the sun is up. His strict regimented morning routine would involve him waking up like 4.30am for at least 2 hours of me-time where he does a few things – planning for his day, meditating and working out – now that’s really stretching your day! And not only that, because of his regimented workout routine, he is able to give his mind, body and soul the vitamins he needs to sustain himself. Of course, on top of that, he has the heartiest, but healthiest, of meals each day after each workout…

Now, you may say, yeah, it is OK for him to do it; he is NOT on a 9-to-5 routine like most of us who are working. Nah, you might not be quite right on that either. There are many corporate 9-to-5 successful senior executives who also stretch their days in pretty much the same way – hitting bed early, and waking up equally early as well for their own morning regimented routine before they then leave for the office 7 or 8ish. And again because they start their days “fresh and filled” (with exercises and healthy breakfasts) they tend not to have sluggish starts to their days like the rest of us (yes, yours truly included here too – “work-in-progress” now)! And it is no surprise that these morning-inclined executives tend to be most productive in the morning! And of course more successful than most.

So peeps, something to ponder and to try out, especially, if you are one of those who perpetually complain that you wish there are more hours to your day to complete your many tasks and work on hand. You might just give yourself a pleasant surprise perhaps in a month or two? Happy Testing! 

Have a great and productive week ahead, y’all!

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