Welcome to Year 2020!

Happy New Year y’all and welcome to a new decade! We are six days into the new year and I am sure new year resolutions are probably the word of the day for a lot of folks. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on Jim Lovell’s famous quote with a slight personal twist “There are people who make things happen and then there are those who wait for things to happen; while sadly there are also others who do not know what has happened”! 

Obviously, by just simply reflecting on the statement itself, you would want to be in the first group. However, the more important thing is “are you aware of which group you really belong to now; and if you are not in the first group, what would you do to make the change needed

New Year Resolutions is all about actions – MASSIVE actions in order to realize what we have set for ourselves. All the best in all your resolutions this year! Cheers…

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